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Rideshare and Taxi Platform

All you need to run a taxi/limo company, or a rideshare business such as Uber, Bolt, or Lyft is just the right piece of software — the RideSoft

why rideshare and taxi entrepreneurs choose RideSoft

RideSoft is a feature-reach and fully customizable rideshare and taxi Platform-as-a-Service solution, which allows ride sharing entrepreneurs and startups to grow fast without a technology overhead, and for a fraction of the cost.
  • Zero Launch Cost
    RideSoft is a Pay-As-You-Go solution. We launch it for you on our global cloud at no cost, and charge you 10% commission on your base fare. The commission is a subject to discount based on your monthly processed volume.
  • Zero Customization Cost
    RideSoft is a fully customizable solution. Describe your business workflow, and submit your branding materials such as logo, company title and service slogan. In response, our setup team will configure your apps, management system and landing page the way you need it at no additional cost.
  • Zero Support Cost
    RideSoft technology is our pride and responsibility. Our support team is available 24/7 to address all your questions and inquiries at no additional cost.
People prefer calling a taxi instead of self-driving under heavy traffic conditions. This is why the software-driven rideshare and taxi business becomes one of the fastest growing markets nowadays.

what is RideSoft

RideSoft is the next generation rideshare and taxi software platform. It provides unique passenger, driver and administration features not available neither with other whitelabel ride sharing providers, nor with the market leaders such as Uber, Lyft, Bolt, or Ola.
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It is easy to start your rideshare or taxi business with RideSoft

RideSoft is a fully managed PaaS solution

RideSoft allows ride sharing entrepreneurs and startups to start and grow fast without a technology overhead, and for a fraction of the cost.
  • 1
    Request RideSoft Pilot
    Our support team will get back to you shortly with the RideSoft Demo access credentials. You will also receive a questionnaire about your business model and branding materials.
  • 2
    Test on Pilot, get ready
    While evaluating the RideSoft Features on Pilot, please complete the questionnaire, so we configure your branded mobile apps, landing website and payment gateways for launch.
  • 3
    Launch to market
    Publish your branded Rider and Driver mobile apps to iOS and Google app stores, and start marketing your ride sharing service. Our support team will always be on guard with the process.
RideSoft covers both Ridesharing and Taxi business workflows


Fully Customizable
PaaS Solution








Vehicle Types


Vehicle Inventory

Scheduled Booking

Recurring Orders


Technical Support

  • 1
    Order a Ride
    Your customer orders a cab within your whitelabeled Rider App​
  • 2
    Ride Processing
    The job is processed automatically on the server. Its details are available within Dispatch Panel with real-time insight in jobs quality, invoicing and settlements
  • 3
    Accept a Ride
    One of your drivers takes care of the job within your whitelabeled Driver App

Scheduled Booking

Scheduled Booking

Riders do not have to worry about missing a train or a bus by booking rides according to their schedules.

Real Time Navigation

Real-time Navigation

The real-time navigation helps riders to learn and recognise more convenient routes to destinations.

In App Call_Chat_y

In-app Call/Chat

Facilitates a rider to chat or talk with the driver for better communication between the drivers and the riders.

Wallet Payment_g

Wallet Payment

Say goodbye to handing cash to pay for a ride by exploring the digital wallet payment method.

Pay By Cash Option

Pay By Cash Option

Along with the wallet and Stripe payment options, customers can choose to pay also by cash.

Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes

During seasonal and peak traffic hours, riders can enjoy savings by receiving promotional codes.

Booking History

Booking History

Booking history page commits the riders to observe their recent travel habits and preferences.

Estimation Fare

Fare Estimation

This is to estimate roughly on how much a rider would need to pay for the ride to the destination.

Invite Friends

Invite for a Ride

Allows a rider to invite a friend nearby to pick them up along the road to make a ride together.

Emergency Contact_g

Emergency Contact

In case of an accident or health problem, riders can easily locate nearby emergency centers.


Destination Details

Provides the rider with the destination details, so that it will be easier for the driver to locate it.


Favorite Destinations

Riders can mark their daily travel spots as favorites in order to get more personalized offers.

User Profile

Driver Profile

Customers feel more secure if all the drivers' details are kept verified by the company.

In App Call_Chat_y

In App Call/Chat

The in-app communication feature allows the driver to chat and talk to the passenger while approaching.

Booking History

Work History

This feature records the driver’s ride history in order to rank and recognize familiar destinations.

Ride Request Notifications_y

Ride Notifications

Ride request notifications alert the drivers for their upcoming rides.

Real Time Navigation_y

Real-time Navigation

Route help feature that endows drivers to reach new destinations without any struggle.

Pay By Cash Option

Driver Payout

A feature to allot drivers a reasonable bonus percentage commission to increase their insentiveness.

Trip History_y

Trip History

Maintains organised travel history for the driver, which in turn makes it easy for calculating their daily pay.

Ratings and Feedback

Ratings and Feedback

Most noteworthy thing is the customer feedback, which helps every driver geting more rides.

Phone Number Masking_g

Phone Number Masking

Don’t want to display phone numbers? Then, start using the phone number masking feature

Hail Taxi

Hail Taxi

Permits customer to hail a moving empty taxi, thus taxis could be hailed across the city.


Car Rental

This feature records the driver’s ride history in order to rank and recognize familiar destinations.

Multi Language

Multi Language

Allows multiple languages for your landing website, admin panel and Rider/Driver apps.


We provide secure payment transactions through Paystack, Stripe, Paytm, and Braintree payment gateways.

Yes. The Wallet feature is available for both the rider and the driver to load their respective account balances. In case of the cash payment by the rider, the company commition is dedacted from the driver's Wallet.

Yes. Our surge pricing mechanism includes two peak hours, plus the night surge pricing.

Once the trip is accepted, the driver and the passenger can communicate by phone call, SMS, and in-app chat.

The set of required driver documents is defined by the admin according to the country standards. The documments are submitted and processed online through the platform web interface.

The mobile phone numbers of drivers and riders are to be verified. Both are validated through OTP.

Yes. We have an option for a rider to mark the most preferred location: Rider-> Login->Map screen->Favorite location.

Yes. The rider has an option to schedule a ride or multiple rides for any day/time in their calendar. The closest located drivers will receive the scheduled pickup request.

The list of basic cars' makes and models is pre-loaded. The company admin is capable to add more car types and categories, so the drivers would able to select the matchning one.

You can request RideSoft Pilot by filling out a request form at the bottom of our website. Our team member will contact you shortly to discuss your Pilot details.


For backend system development, we employ admin backend in Angular 7.
API Server: Node.js in the Express framework.
JavaScript ES6 Standard is used as the web development language.
MongoDB with Mongoose ORM is used for the database.
The application server includes a server with root access and NGINX for traffic routing.

RideSoft is built to scale using Node.js 8 and Firebase. It is coded in Node.js 8 and MongoDb using Express 3 Framework. Scalable architecture with high emphasize is provided by REST API, IO operation, etc.

Node.js server with OAuth 2.0 JWT standard supports for multiple server locations. In addition, MongoDB shared cluster architecture supports for high scalability.

RideSoft employs Firebase real-time database protocol for communications between web-client/mobile apps and the backend.

We use the Google Distance Matrix API for geo-positioning and mapping.

The mobile apps authenticate against the server by the access token. The session info is stored at JSON Web Token dtabase.

RideSoft employs REST architecture for all API communication. The single-node cloud processing server can handle around 7000 concurrent users. The handling performance can be uninterruptedly increased linearly by adding processing server nodes and RAM capacity.

The look and feel of all platform components including mobile apps, landing website, and web interfaces are fully white-labeled in accordance with your brand.

Yes. We have a range of expertise in all domains such as business analysis, software development and QA. We are ready to provide you with the professional services on the required platform customizations at a discounted rate.

RideSoft is our pride and responsibility. We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals to provide you with 24×7 technical support. Just drop your inquiry in our CRM, and you will receive a prompt response within 24 hours.

who benefits and how:
  • rider
  • Pay ride fare in-app or by cash

  • Not forced to provide taxi companies with the credit card info

  • Book a trip for any day or time in advance

  • Book recurring trips on a schedule

  • Communicate with driver directly
  • driver
  • Accept cash or digital money from a passenger

  • Take orders in advance and work on a schedule, which is good for you

  • Set your preferences for the range and cost of the rides.

  • Plan your trips, and earn more with less time behind the wheel
  • fare
  • Stay ahead of the curve thanks to the unique platform features

  • Ready-made Rider and Driver branded apps, landing website, and payment gateways

  • Zero initial setup cost

  • Zero customization and support cost

  • Pay-As-You-Go billing

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RideSoft is brought to you by a team of top mobile and cloud engineers working in close collaboration with hands-on rideshare and taxi drivers around the globe.

RideSoft allows you to easily enter rideshare and taxi market for a fraction of the cost, and without any technology overhead.

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